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2nd IMGA

Fatimah Aldubaisi
Saudi Arabia
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    About Wojdan

    وجدان هي لعبة رواية تفاعلية عربية.

    تتمحور القصة حول الفتى جواد (11 عاماً) و عائلته المكونة من والده عادل (34 عاماً) و أخته الكبرى سارة (15 عاماً) و سعيهم في البحث عن علاجٍ لمرض جواد الذي يهدد حياته.

    يضطرهم هذا البحث للانتقال من قريتهم الصغيرة إلى إحدى المدن الكبرى للقاء أحد الأطباء و لكنهم يفاجؤون باختفاء الطبيب في ظروف غامضة، و يقودهم هذا الحدث الغريب إلى سلسلةٍ من الأحداث التي لم يكن أيٌ منهم يتوقعها.

    هذا هو الفصل الأول من حكايتهم.

    "Wojdan" is an adventure visual novel game with puzzles that alter the player's path. The story revolves around Jawad (11 years), his father Adel (34 years) and his sister Sara (15 years), and their quest to find a cure for the illness that threatens Jawad's life. The search forces the family to travel from their little village to the big city seeking a doctor who can heal the little boy. However, as soon as they arrive, they discover that the doctor has disappeared in unusual circumstances. A series of events that none of them has ever imagined begins to unfold before them, taking them in the adventure of their lives. "Wojdan" is an Arabic word that means the soul and/or inner strength.

    What makes my game unique?

    It is the first Arabic visual novel, developed by a team of girls. It is also the very first Arabic game to be published on steam (Featuring only Arabic language and no English, The English version is coming soon.) The game celebrates the Islamic and Arabic cultures making it very relate-able to people of these cultures. However, the game features a human story, a story about a family struggling to save one of its members, which is a story that everybody no matter where he/she lives or who he/she is can understand and attach to.

    Why could my game win an award?

    It is an Arabic game, not only in language but in everything: characters, environment, settings. It is a game that's authentic and real because it is inspired by the daily lives of the developers.